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Re: Endless Federer-Nadal debates (WTF vs Olympics)

Ash86 proving just how far you can take stat-cherrypicking to defend your guy.

Originally Posted by Ash86 View Post
Complete nonsense. If Phelps ONLY had relay medals no one would know who he was or care - can you name the rest of the members of the relay teams that won the swimming gold medals? No. He's great because of his single, individual success. Fed only has a Silver in the individual discipline - a "golden career slam" means achievements in singles events - otherwise why don't we just combine total doubles and singles success - in tennis it doesn't work that way.
This is like saying "if Fed only had the Olympic doubles gold would anyone care"? Of course not, but that obviously wasn't the point. Fed has the highest individual achievements possible in this sport, meaning the question your asking is misplaced. Olympics singles tennis also is very poor indicator of greatness, considering the level on display. WTF of course beats Olympics in that as well.

I'm sure a person posting in swimming forums would have an excellent knowledge of those members, to my mind comes the Hansen-Peirsol-Phelps-Lezak combo on the medley. All (except Lezak?) great individual swimmers in their own right.

slam". OTOH "Golden career slam" is in no way
Nadals singles record at Olympics = unbeaten.
Federer's record = 4 defeats.
Murray' record = 1 defeat.
One of the most pointless stats I've ever seen, well done.

Fact: being 10-10 on Slam finals is better than being 10-0, you have had a better career with the 1st one.

I don't even need to say that the Olympics matters more - every single player and their reactions has made it clear and so have the pronouncements of past greats like McEnroe etc. - the tennis media, the players and the past champions all think it's an important event and put it just below a slam. Fed's got a silver at a very important event - his fans should be celebrating that rather than pretending anyone will be caring about the WTF vs the Olympics in a decade's time.
Untrue. What they are talking about it the importance of being an Olympic champion in general, which is of course about the value of the Olympics, not the value of Olympics tennis to tennis in general. This goes to my point of making Olympics a completely separate event and not giving points at all. The importance is about being an Olympic champion in general.

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