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Re: Just starting out, advice appreciated.

Originally Posted by seattletennisguy View Post
It sounds like mostly what you need is practice, although it also sounds like you're beginning to develop your technique.

Quick note: I know several good tennis players in my area who didn't begin playing until their 20s or 30s. It's never too late to learn.

Advice: You might try going into a local tennis/sports equipment store and testing out some "demo" rackets. Usually, they'll loan these to you with a deposit or minor form of collateral (current racket, etc.). A new racket might help with your slice or backhand. I switched rackets once and was finally able to hit a flat backhand.

There are probably better quality players that can provide more tips for you. But I'd say, join a local tennis club - even if it's a rec league. The more you play, the more people you play with and against, the more you'll get to practice your game.
Thanks for the advice, I may join a tennis club now that you've mentioned it. Unfortunately I cannot afford to buy a new racquet as my Wilson is only two weeks old and I have to buy school books

Played more today, despite the English rain, my serve and forehand were the best they have ever been so I'm happy with that. I didn't really have to use my backhand much, when I did I just sliced it back. This is what I really need to change. I need to develop a proper backhand stroke now, a single handed seems slightly easier but it's still poor. My friends all recommend a double (though only one of them has a double handed bh), my favourite players use a double and the general consensus is that a double is more accurate and powerful but it does seem hard to start trying to hit a 2H BH when I'm just starting out.

After how long did you guys develop your backhand? And to those with 2H BHs, how did you practise using it when you were a tennis beginner?
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