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A new way of moderation

Most posters who enjoy pure tennis discussion are very put off by the numerous posters who seem to take pleasure in negative commenting, whether it is player hate, poster hate, insults, baiting, trolling, wishing injury or death, personal attacts, discriminatory remarks, etc.

It is so pervasive, that people like myself have considered not returning to this site. Of course it is an option, but there are many people whom with we enjoy discussions, so it seems a shame to be deterred by the bad apples. And I for one refuse to be forced out by such. One should be able to have discussion where one can agree or disagree without the garbage.

So here is my suggestion, some of which may have been suggested before, but maybe not in quite this way.

Since it seems as if some posters need an outlet to be negative, have a "hell" sub-forum for hate, insults, trolling, baiting, attacks, etc. where almost anything goes (except something illegal*). Any and every post or thread made elsewhere that has content that breaks the rules gets moved to that forum. A poster gets one warning if posting inappropriate posts or threads elsewhere than the "hell" sub-forum. After that, the poster gets banned from everywhere except "hell" (if that can be done via the software) for 1 month each and every time they post inappropriate posts/threads elsewhere. That's it. I think 1 month is severe enough for a person to think about what they do next time, but not so severe that a person who made a mistake will be gone for long. I think very soon posters will learn where they can post garbage without a problem.

* illegal posts get deleted and the poster faces whatever ban is deemed appropriate. I would start it at min. 1 yr. or more.

No permanent bans for legal but obnoxious posts, no complicated counting, no distinction on the violation type except whether it is illegal or not. The only decision to be made by moderators/admins is whether a post anyplace other than the "hell" forum broke the rules or not. If it did, then they just move it to "hell" and apply the 1 time warning or 1 month ban. I think over time, there will be less and less need to moderate in GM and elsewhere as people realize where they can hate freely, and sensible posters everywhere else can enjoy positive discussion.


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