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Re: Second half of season 2012.

Originally Posted by petar_pan View Post
He running alot in his matches, but that isn't important. Thing is, he is mental midget. I am not talking about 3rd round of Wimbledon, I am talking about real things: matches vs top players and for alot of points.

In a match vs Querrey, as a match vs Roddick at AO 2010, he should win them in 3 but choked and almost loose both matches. So, we shouldn't talk he was good in 5th set. Btw, that is only great thing in his career: he has 15:6 in 5th set.
funnily enough for someone thats supposed to be so mentally weak he has a pretty good 5th set record

I want him to do big things to and i want him to get a new coach for one but i just dont think we need to be so hard on him when he loses a match.The guys that he's losing to all the time are the guys that everyone loses to. Sooner or later he has to find a way to get past them. However he usually is beating guys that he should again so thats something positive.

Losing to haas was bad but losing to hewitt on grass is not something that i would raise any red flags about
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