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Just starting out, advice appreciated.

A little introduction here. I'm 17 and love tennis but did not play tennis at all until a few months ago. In all, I've probably played for about three months (not 90 days worth of tennis but maybe twice a week for three months). I don't plan on trying to become a pro but I really enjoy playing tennis even though I'm quite bad and watch tennis tournaments all the time. I'm not sure how well I would like to be but I'm 17 so I guess I could become quite good with enough practise. Here's my game at the moment.

Serve: I've only just started serving with the proper motion and I can feel it is quicker and more of a weapon now. I'm just going to aim to get many serves in at the moment, not looking for more power yet though if anyone can give me advice on how to get more serves in that'd be great. Grip I use = V-shape grip.

Forehand: Is pretty much my only ground stroke. The guys I play with have are quite experienced and tell me that I do actually have a decent forehand for a beginner. What I would like to be able to do is hit it flatter and deeper. I'm not focusing at all on top spin yet. Grip I use = number 3 on the racquet handle.

Backhand: Quite simply, I don't have one. I get maybe 20% of backhands in using a slice. What I want is a double handed backhand. Any tips how to get one? At the moment it feels like it's impossible. I've read that a practise technique is to a hit a forehand with my wrong hand (which would be my left) then gradually start putting both hands on the grip to hit the ball. Grip I use = no idea, just can't hit backhands.

Slice: The current slice I use is because I don't have a backhand so I've never really used the slice shot as an approach shot or to buy myself time in the rally. It doesn't seem to be the hardest shot though.

So any tips guys? Not just for my game but any general tennis advice for a beginner? FYI the racquet I use is a Wilson K-Power Hybrid and I play right handed.

Oh, and though it probably matters little, my favourite players are Ana Ivanovic and Nole Djokovic
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