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Re: The Gaming Thread.

Originally Posted by tennisfan856 View Post
They need juicier games for it. Infamous 2 and LBP2 isn't going to cut it.

D3 is probably the most over-rated game since starcraft 2. I haven't been this disappointed since....Old Republic which isn't that long ago but still lol.
Diablow 3 has been horrendous and huge disappointment, especially considering high standard D2 has achieved. Basically an attempt to use a "free" game as a cash cow with RMAH while allowing botters, exploiters and cheaters run rampant...I quit after wizard invincibility bug being used by people to farm inferno. I could write an essay on this game's flaws, but I can't be fucked, just log on D3 general forums on and you'll see just what I mean.

Luckily WoW expac is coming soon though, I'd rather pay monthly fee than deal with all the bullshit and disappointment.
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