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Re: Unofficial Live ATP Rankings

My question is, is Djokovic's SF loss here at the Olympics and Rogie's finals appearance for the gold enough to guarantee Rogie is #1 after the Olympics? If not, does Rogie still have to win gold to stay #1 and if still not, by how much is he out? If Rogie stays #1 after the Olympics, he has a great chance to be #1 at the USO.

Rogie defends: 90 Canada and 180 Cincinnati, so only 270 points.
Djokovic defends: 1,000 Canada and 600 Cincinnati, 1,600 points (1,330 more than Rogie, a lot).

Rogie is not playing Toronto, so he loses the 90 points right? I bet Djokovic will play in Toronto even after playing the BMM on Sunday. Djokovic's NOT going to let 1,000 points slip through his fingers, especially with so many guys already pulling out of Toronto. He might even win it outright and defend all 1,000 points.
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