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Re: Tennis Tipping Managers 2012 - August tournaments available

Having read ibreak4coffee’s posting there’s a lot of sense spoken there. In the case of Vancouver – it was a situation which was certainly out of the norm. To me having in theory three managers/assistant managers especially for a Challenger is extremely unusual which I don’t think I’ve ever experienced since I’ve been playing the game. Whilst yes it was written in large letters to send to one manager, the Managers at that point were : Saturday – me, Sunday – kingroger, Monday – me, Tuesday – me, so for three out of the four previous days they’d been asked to send to me which I think makes it understandable for people to think they should send to me for Wednesday in this case, particularly as the third person had posted the OOP every day since the start of the event.

Speaking just personally as a relative newcomer to Managing, I am puzzled that there are so few people managing. Since I plucked up the courage to have a go myself – in my case it’s increased my personal enjoyment of the game a huge amount and I’ve got to know so many players that I never would have done if I hadn’t had tried out.

Of course there has to be a basic set of rules that are always stuck too (e.g. late picks never accepted). But absolutely of course there are some occasions when flexibility and common-sense must be shown, for example on occasions a brand new player will send picks incorrectly and in the wrong format a couple of times in the same event. In situations like that refusing to accept them the second time or penalising a new player is a self-defeating exercise – yes that players sent them in a wrong format but for the sake of a minute or two’s effort on my part is it worth instantly losing the engagement and enthusiasm of a first time player by laying down the law and refusing to accept them the second time? Of course not - to me it’s far more productive to spend the time to put them in the correct format and send that player a PM explaining how they should be sent and the reasons why, than to point-blank not accept them or penalising them because they’re in the wrong format.

I also agree with justafanYYC – in most cases managers get other people to post the OOP because the event in another time-zone, if nobody comes forward sometimes a player who’s never managed will say they’ll do it. That person posting the OOP might not have the time or want to be involved in the managing side of it and is just doing it to help out. If it meant that they’d be responsible for accepting picks too it will dissuade them from helping out in the first place.

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