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Re: Tennis Tipping Managers 2012 - August tournaments available

As a manager I do support option two of ibreak4coffee's essay for leniency. However the players have to be lenient too. They cannot expect OOPs or differences within 1 minute. I am not joking when I say that.

I have had people demand an OOP before an OOP was even available, or the OOP had been out 1 minute they expect me to type the OOP in one minute. Then they complain about the order of the OOP because I didn't do enough research of the players in the 1 minute I was supposed to type it in.

Same with differences, I've had people ask for differences 1 minute after the deadline. I am expected to work out differences, missing picks, lucky losers and alternates in 1 minute.

Leniency is fine with me but it has to go both ways. If player wants to send to multiple managers on the one day that the main manager can't post the OOP, then they will have to expect differences to be late (especially their match). Otherwise managers will be awake at all hours trying to pass along information to each other and managers will just quit.

As an example, if you allow players to send picks to the OOP poster instead of the manager then I probably will never help another manager out by posting the OOP. And if I'm the only one available then there just won't be an OOP that day. There is no way I can make what should be a 10 minute commitment into a 12 hour one and possibly having to spend the night transferring picks.

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