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Re: Discuss YOUR tennis

I started playing in middle school with a wooden Wilson racket. When I played, it felt natural so I developed an immediate love for the sport. I was more into women's tennis than men's, so I grew up with Chris Evert as my idol. I not only loved playing tennis, mostly by myself hitting against a nearby community college wall, but I got madly into following it on TV and buying tennis magazines.

My very first tournament was at a country club and I was double-goosed (6-0, 6-0). I got better, though, and played in high school, eventually earning the number 2 singles slot after being moved up from doubles. I had a decent high school resume of wins, so much that two junior colleges tried to recruit me to play for them. But I decided against it.

After college, I played regularly and entered local/regional tournaments with mild success. But even though my tennis playing had deteriorated, my love for the sport continued. I would eat strawberries & cream on "Wimbledon Sunday", I once hosted a "French Open breakfast" with baguettes and croissants at my apartment, and in 2000 my dream to attend Wimbledon finally came through. I got to see Martina Navratilova play doubles, and I saw the epic first Wimbledon match between Serena and Venus Williams. For someone who didn't purchase an advance ticket, I miraculously scored a seat next to the Royal Box and directly in front of legendary music divas Dionne Warwick and Gladys Knight. Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were a few rows in front of me.

These days, I play awful. But in my defense, several years ago I had a serious damaged rotator cuff. I'm a baseliner, have a powerful forehand - in fact, I played today and a man on the court next to me said, "I want to play with you because you hit the ball hard, come back on Sunday". My serve sucks, I've gotten bloated and lazy, but I've still got a wicked forehand, baby!

I love Andy Murray (good time to admit that I'm gay; hope that's alright with y'all), and I loved Andy Murray before all the hoardes of tweens and cougars even noticed him. I fell for Murray when he had poofy hair and scrawny build. If anyone has anything with Andy Murray on it (photos, mags, etc.), I will gladly take it off your hands.

Lastly, I've never been to the French Open, but I have been to Roland Garos and sat inside Suzanne Lenglen Court and nearly broke down in tears at how precious that moment was for me.

Thanks for letting me share. Btw, because of my scrappy play and my short height and perhaps occasional pudginess, I've earned the nickname "Aranxta" from my tennis friends. They still call me "Aranxta" after all these years, and I HATE Aranxta because I've never forgiven her for beating Chris Evert in the French Open final!!!
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