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Re: Tennis Tipping Managers 2012 - August tournaments available

Dear TT Board (and other interested players),

I love the game of TT, and the vast majority of players who play it. Its a nice distraction from real life, and enhances my (and most everyone's) love of the game of tennis. No one wins money playing this game, no one gets a better job or life situation for playing, most of us will never meet - we all play simply because we love tennis and this game. So I just want to share a few cents worth of thoughts, even if no one likely cares or will even read this. Just in case its not clear, this is triggered by this hilarious debate over the last few weeks about sending to the "correct" manager, something I find frankly ridiculous and utterly unnecessary, but it also goes deeper.

If anyone has read the last 100 posts in this thread, it becomes clear this game is at a crossroads. This goes beyond people who commit to manage tournaments, disappear after committing to manage for days, and then return to play sheriff, board members who decide to wield power or interpret rules for no reason, or players who complain about anything and never contribute to the game. This is about more.

The way I see it, we can go in two directions with the future of TT this December:

- We can accelerate a movement to develop a "game" that is based entirely on rigid rules, defined processes, and unwavering devotion to law and order - the equivalent of a corporate bureaucracy, or a scared government clinging to power. In this scenario, there are never excuses - only rules. There are never exceptions - only disqualifications and adherence to arbitrary dogmas. Any "mistake" or "oversight" is just too serious to overlook - its all rules, rules, and rules, and managers and the board are just there as enforcers. There are never mitigating circumstances - just errors that must be punished.

- OR we can perhaps stay closer to the spirit that has animated this game since its inception and continue to ensure it remains a GAME. In this scenario, we continue to solidify a set of rules but most importantly a set of principles that define how this game is played and how people are expected to act in this community - we don't let people abuse other players personally, we don't descend into anarchy and throw out all relevant rules, we make changes where the rules need clarification, and we realize that TT is just one aspect of people's lives - not something that should overtake it, but something that everyone should play because they enjoy it. To do this, we solidify rules that level the playing field for all those who play, but at the same time we ensure that flexibility and common sense prevail and that most importantly people ENJOY playing this game. SOMETIMES, we realize life can get in the way, and people may accidently send to the wrong manager, forget to put a player on a entry list, or format their picks properly.

Frankly, I'm losing interest in devoting time week in, week out to TT if a new guard of people will be able to decide we need to hold every player to a standard that 99% of players can't meet 365 days a year. I'm also not surprised the way we are heading that regular managers are a dying breed, and that for the average tournament to run now we are forced to have managers, co-managers, posters of the OOP, others to receive picks etc... this is not coincidence.

Let me be clear this isn't about one person, or one instance, nor do I expect anyone to care - but this is something that's been building for a while, and the Board needs to make a strong stance in December. Yes rules need to evolve and change - but the spirit of TT should remain what it was when the game was created - something where people have fun.

I don't need to list some of the core TT players that have stopped playing over the last years, nor the regular managers who decided it wasn't worth it anymore. Everyone knows who they are. But I can guarantee this list will continue to grow substantially in the next years unless we take a step back and decide to ensure we keep this game entertaining and fun.
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