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Re: Rafachat - vol. 79. Spain's footie avenging Rafa at the Olympics :o LOOOL

Re. the Tom Daley (a.k.a. the Justin Bieber of the Olympics) twitter saga.

The 17-year old dude relates to Tom because Tom lost his dad last year to cancer and he lost his mother recently.
The boy has a history of insulting on twitter. He's a bit of an emotional wreck by the looks of it.
He started by writing that Tom let his dad down. (paraphrasing)
Tom retweeted that and said that after all the effort he put into it, he gets ^ this.
Tom's fans get on the case and start bombarding the 17-year old's twitter account for his stupidity.
The 17-year old apologises but his previous history on twitter to insult at random makes those apologies sound empty. He keeps getting heckled on twitter which pushes him over the edge so he starts making death threats (more than once).

I'm guessing he got arrested for the death threats.

Can you imagine the police arresting everybody who has made death threats on MTF?
It just goes to show that IMO, MTF is right in banning people for it, even if it's said "as a joke".

I'm not defending the 17-year old boy. He was an utter idiot but I'm pretty sure that the police wouldn't have arrested him if he'd made it against any other unknown dude. This is what annoys me in this.
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