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Re: 12 killed and 59 wounded in Denver shooting at a Batman showing

Originally Posted by orangehat View Post
You're comparing apples with oranges, which led to your bad conclusion (latino countries have higher homicide rates by guns even though they have less firearms per citizens, therefore firearms/citizens is not the most important factor)
No, I wasn't comparing apples and oranges. I was replying to an abraxas question, not making a statement. And I actually reached the same conclusion as you, so why you should call my decision ''bad'' I have no idea.

The question was: In which society are you less likely to get shot, the one where only a tiny fraction has guns or the one where a whole bunch of people have guns.

And since I actually said that ''the availablity of guns is not the determining factor in death by firearm, and culture may be the most important factor'', I am at a total loss why you should tell me I reached a bad conclusion because the number firearms/citizen is not the most important factor. That is exactly what I said.

I did not compare Canada and the US, because that would not have been a reply to abraxas' question. He did not ask for a head-to-head comparison of Canada and the US gun laws.

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