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Suicide Tennis - Olympics


28 Yuli

Rules, Item 7:
7. Picks will be acceptable until before the start of the FIRST match each day.
The thread is opened late. Therefore exception is made. It is possible to do picks on those matches, which else have not begun. One day - on July, 28th operates only!

Copy from Frank Winkler's thread:

3 nickelS Muller(Lu)
5 Kamui010 Isner(Seppi)
7 cswab22 Muller(Lu)
8 Frederik Muller(Lu)
9 156mphserve Seppi(Muller)
10 digor Muller(Seppi)
11 KittyTennis Muller(Seppi)
12 Direnan Isner(Seppi)
13 purtov45 Muller(Seppi)
14 Frank Winkler Isner(Muller)
16 Litotes Seppi(Harrison)
17 JeMa Muller(Petzschner)
18 DirtyDirty Isner(Muller)
19 jfrtennis Isner(Muller)
20 Toooom Youzhny(Lu)
21 Nixer Harrison(Muller)
29 Yuli, 23:10 gmt

Deadline for 3-rd day approximately at 13:00 gmt.
Those who did not do the pick in day 1, can begin game in day 3.
The table of points lays in a post 1, paragraph 9.

2 August, 8:25 gmt

The table in a post 1, paragraph 9 is corrected.

4 August, 15:30 gmt


Gavnich77 The Gold medal

*Jean* the Silver medal

Ionit the Silver medal

(see a post #264)

PAW: #94(15 nov 2010) --> #71(7 feb 2011)

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