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Re: What are your expectations of Jo Wilfried Tsonga for the grass season?

Originally Posted by Slice Winner View Post
You gotta remember that Nadal often starts slowly in any given tournament. By the latter stages, he has warmed up.
Look at RG 2011 when he nearly lost to Isner in the first round (I think). Obviously at Wim, the slower surface in the 2nd week helps as well, but if someone takes him to 5 at Wim, it's because they're playing out of their skin more than anything else.

Jo served pretty well at last year's Wim QF The let-down against Nole was inevitable, and not due to court speed.
Yeah, but I do still believe there's clear difference. For defensive players, getting past the first week of Wimbledon is the biggest challenge, once they get there the surface will suit them more.

Jo did serve insanely well against Federer; he did serve very well in the semis too though, that's the only reason he even sneaked a set as the rest of his game was mostly atrocious. I do agree that defeat had nothing to do with court speed. This year against Murray, though, although Jo's tactics were baffingly bad, I doubt it would have mattered much if the surface was fast enough to not let Murray take full swings on some of those passing shots he pulled.

Originally Posted by Slice Winner View Post
Tsonga could win gold because it's Bo3, but it's Tsonga, so he could also lose 2nd round to Raonic.
Tsonga has never struggled with the best of 5 format, he actually has a good record in 5 setters and usually overperforms in Slams compared to his Masters performances. The main advantage for him is that the grass won't be worn out (I think) by the latter stages of the tournament.

And yes, he could definitely lose to Milos, very tricky match that one. Jo hates playing big servers - mostly because he has by far the worst ROS in the top 10, it's atrocious. That will not be an easy match for Tsonga, he is in danger for sure.

Originally Posted by Paylu2007 View Post
I was gonna say Mark Lenders must think he is gonna get a medal here, because Tsonga is super Tsonga.. then entered the thread and saw he is the OP
So I'm optimistic about my favorite tennis players, what a heinous offense.

And yes, Jo could obviously get a medal here.

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