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Re: Clay Death Permaban: Consider rescinding please.

Originally Posted by Orka_n View Post
"Logical discussion" you say, right after calling him Hercules? Embarrassing.

Because he was only a nice bloke TO SOME people. To others he was a bully. Clear enough for you?

Anyway, I find it funny how some Nadaltards bullshit around all day and then claim they are being mistreated just because the mods are Fedtards. You are not special, nor are you mistreated. Whatever you get, you probably deserve. This goes for everyone on this forum - you know how much shit you have to do to get banned here? It's a joke really.

Personally I have nothing against Nadalfans per se even though I really dislike Rafa. I have nothing against Groove or mimi or Arkulari or hat_boy or even guys like Topspindoctor or GSMNadal even though I think they are clownish sometimes (because so are Fedtards). The biggest forum clowns though, consist for some reason mostly of Nadaltards (see the ACC results). CD was one of these. He was a distinctive poster, that's true, and the reason for that was that he was so repetitive. But he was also insulting and like many have said HAD A HISTORY OF PERSONAL ATTACKS AND SUBSEQUENT BANS. He is not a martyr, not a victim of corrupt moderation, not an innocent bystander. For years he was knowingly balancing on the edge and finally he tipped over it.

I do not and will not ever argue that random Nadaltards should be banned from this forum. The different fanbases make this place somewhat interesting. But I do think that guys who have had countless second chances should logically run out of them eventually.
First of all, I am by no means a Nadal 'fan'. That doesn't stop me being friends with them though.

Secondly, Hercules is an acceptable nickname to refer to him by, as he himself requested people called him that while he was still on the forum.

Thirdly, why do you believe that second chances shouldn't be given, or at least not continuously given, when somebody has proved their worth?
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