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Re: Clay Death Permaban: Consider rescinding please.

Originally Posted by HKz View Post
..I'm not sure what is so baffling about this topic. Were you here in 2008 when he joined? Have you taken a look at all his posts in general? Probably no to both. Fact is, he might be "nice" to you but what does that have to do with his clownish behavior elsewhere? Maybe he should be unbanned and only be allowed to talk to TigerTim. People, or rather his supporters, are taking this way too narrow and not looking at the big picture. As was mentioned several times, Clay Fail was absolutely atrocious early on, he got banned a couple of times for his behavior, got warned many times, got a little better but continued to show his foolishness here and there which has led to what it is now. End of story really.

Regardless, if he does get un-permabanned, I'm sure there were be other requests to look at other permabanned posters as well, which is why I think the mods will most likely keep Clay Fail banned because making an exception will make them look like they poorly executed the banning in the first place and it will cause additional questions afterwards.
This isn't true.
Sometimes things are looked at from a different perspective and a decision is reversed. This would show that the decision makers are doing their job and trying to be fair.

I'm pretty sure they spent some time on this decision before handing out the permban, but at times more information is needed and is a help no matter if the decision is confirmed or not.

It could be others may try to get some of the past permbanned off the hook, this has no bearing on this case.
Each case was determined on it's own merits with the information available I would guess.

I would also guess that the decision makers wouldn't especially like to change their decision, not because of the cases merits but it's a little like admitting that maybe the decision was made too hastily.
It's human nature to avoid this kind of situation, but many have been applauded for standing up to that kind of criticism.



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