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Re: MTF awards 2012

1. Who is your favorite poster on MTF?

Cerfiny and Nole Rules

That said, I love you all guys, even rabid Ferrertards MTF has been a brilliant place to avoid boredom during my exam season and even now during the holidays, what with me kind of broke and unable to travel anywhere at the moment. If any of you guys happens to pass through Lisbon and needs someone to show you around or even just to have a drink a something (I'll pay ), just PM me

2. Which poster makes you laugh?

Topspindoctor and SetSampras

Leng Jai too, but not so much; he's extremely witty but often exaggerates

3. Who is your favorite moderator?

None. MTF is the worst moderated website/forum I've ever come across. Moderators here are clearly just a figurehead position

4. What is your favorite thread on MTF?

Hottest female player

5. Which poster do you like to prove wrong?

Ferrer tards in general and Murraytards arguing that Andy is better than JMDP/JMDP's Slam was a fluke.

I guess Sapeod would be #1 here, but although many find him a 'clown', I do like discussing with him. He might have his flaws and be wrong more often than not, but at least he's incredibly passionate about his favorite players

Thanks to all who voted for me in any category btw, goodrepped you all except those I'd goodrepped not long ago
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