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Re: MTF awards 2012

1. Who is your favorite poster on MTF? Mark Lenders/Masterclass
2. Which poster makes you laugh? Sapeod
3. Who is your favorite moderator? Sonja1989
4. What is your favorite thread on MTF? Castle Thread & Vulture Thread
5. Which poster do you like to prove wrong? Sapeod

Originally Posted by SliceAce
As for Mugray, what can be said? A disgusting human being, and awful player, and a choking pushing mug. He looks like a kemo patient, bald spots, hairless legs, pasty blotchy skin, busted teeth, and an ugly, snarling face. Typical antics all came out in this match: faking injuries, grimacing and cursing, trying to peg Fed, trying to start drama, undeserved final based on an exhausted old man and a joke draw.

I'm no Fakervic fan but he needs to save tennis, sadly tree trunk legs will be fresh. Interesting he's never questioned....

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