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Re: Clay Death Permaban: Consider rescinding please.

Clay Death definitely improved recently as he was literally one of the worst posters ever when he first arrived on MTF. I put minor in inverted commas because obviously some of his past infringements were worse than that. The thing with CD is that he has been here for years and consistently broke the rules. There has to be an end point which results in a permanent ban. I'm pretty sure most forums on the internet have a X amount of strikes and you're out policy and MTF's one is particularly lax. As I said I'm not saying he should be banned - I'm just retorting the people here saying he shouldn't be banned just for a build up of infractions and the fact that he apparently never did anything except when provoked. Only the mods know how many infractions and temp bans he has had in the past so ultimately it's up to them. I'm not even going to bother discussing the comparison between this and in a court of law.

To clarify a few things - CD was never aggressive to me ( well he was when he first came on but who cares really). He knows I find his rhetoric tiresome and I don't think he particularly cares either. My observations are based on his interactions with other posters. Hkz and Big John are just as bad as him and it's not surprising BJ is banned as well.

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