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Re: Clay Death Permaban: Consider rescinding please.

To answer the question masterclass asked: I think infractions have some absurd duration (1 year or so) before expiring and becoming inactive. There are also infractions that never expire, if I am correct.

But even though this system could use some technical improvement, it comes down to the mods.

I agree with the majority of people here. Clay Death is an incredibly valuable poster. A forum icon even. He opened the door of his chat thread to everyone. It's one of the -- if not THE biggest chat thread on this forum, and everyone who had contact with those people and him know it's a warm and friendly environment.

On the other hand, he is also a tennis aficionado. But his need to pursue tennis discussions has backfired on him too many times.

Why is it so?

People browse this forum out of boredom. When they see such a persistent poster, they don't understand him. They find his need to grind discussions to the smallest details tedious. They don't understand that his need for passionate discussions is not necessarily aggressive in nature. Needless to say, some instantly see him as an enemy for praising the skills of a player they don't like, or a player that is in some way a threat to their favourite player.

It is the fault of such a toxic environment that conflicts arise. Casual posters would be briefly shocked by the obnoxiousness of the attackers, but they would quickly forget about it and move along (move away). But a persistent poster like Clay Death, who has put so much into this forum, has the need to hold his ground. Alas, that makes him an even more attractive target for malicious posters.

There are times at which I truly admired Clay Death's perseverance. There are few people who withstood such abuse, coming not only from other posters but also mods! Yet, he did his best to keep his cool and continue like nothing's happened.

Imagine if MTF were as big a part of your world as it is to Clay Death. Now imagine if you suffered such abuse. How long would you last without retaliating? How would your defensive mechanism look like?

I'm glad that masterclass and a few others have noticed the same thing I have. Clay Death was being provoked on a daily basis by people whose sole purpose on this forum seemed to be exactly that -- to provoke him. How can he be banned while these people are allowed to post ? Does that make sense in any system?

I have no doubt that Clay Death still has a place on this forum and that he'd be able to function in it. But only if the forum still needs people who contribute to it. Otherwise, MTF might as well call it a day.
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