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Re: 12 killed and 59 wounded in Denver shooting at a Batman showing

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
But why can't tighter laws be enacted? Why does a civilian need an assault weapon? How does it make sense that bullets are apparently sold alongside other household items in supermarkets? If a driver of a car needs to be licenced, why shouldn't a holder of a gun be similarly licenced?
What tighter laws are you proposing? You can't own automatic weapons. You have to go through a bunch of bs red tape to own handguns and semi-automatic assault rifles. You need licenses. And you have to go through all kinds of training and background checks to get a concealed weapons permit. It's virtually impossible in the cities, where the vast majority of gun violence occurs. And finding ammunition in supermarkets is laughable. Heh. And history has shown us that one gun law just leads to another. It was auto weapons first, now it's handguns and soon it will be rifles and shotguns. That's the way these arrogant activists work.

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