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Re: 12 killed and 59 wounded in Denver shooting at a Batman showing

Originally Posted by Tommy_Vercetti View Post
tripwires, you do understand that most of US law enforcement and the US military are drawn from the right-wing and are among the most fierce proponents of gun rights? Like I said, your argument just appears as nonsensical as the Occupy movements incessant protesting of the government, while advocating that in reality, the government should control everything in our lives. Health care, guns, businesses, etc...
The Occupy movement isn't primarily protesting the government

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
That's great. If only everyone could be as responsible as you. The fact is, that's not possible, as the most recent shooting has shown. Again, I ask: But why can't tighter laws be enacted? Why does a civilian need an assault weapon? How does it make sense that bullets are apparently sold alongside other household items in supermarkets? If a driver of a car needs to be licenced, why shouldn't a holder of a gun be similarly licenced?

This Denver guy isn't just one lunatic. Like I posted earlier today, the US is known for such incidents. Surely you know them better than me: Columbine, Virginia Tech, and a host of others. Doesn't this worry you? I'm not even American and it worries me greatly.

The fact is a lot of americans, like a lot of humans, are selfish. They don't care .... until it affects them.
After someone from their family gets shot they'll probably change their views.

It's just like gay people. A lot of people hated them ... until they had a family member who was gay.

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