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Originally Posted by Roger the Dodger View Post
You are one of the posters I enjoy reading, because one; you are mostly harmless, and two; your funny avatar stares down upon us with a mix of disdain and amusement, and I love that look. My questions are:

1. What do you think about the trolls on MTF these days? How do they compare with the trolls of yore?

2. Has Joyce influenced your thinking in anyway - especially in your decision to give up the Church?

3. How much money have you made? You can answer it this way if you don't want to disclose the real amount? - pennies/stack/pile/loads/shitloads/Swissbank + massive tax evasion?

4. If you are forced to share a room with either Hitler or Stalin and you have no option to choose otherwise, whom would you rather prefer for a roommate and why?

5. Ideal vacation: winter shack at a Hawaiian beach or summer treehouse in a Peruvian mountain?
I looked up trolling in Wikipedia and it is defined as posting comments that are specifically designed to yank the chains of others. I usually say what I think, without thought of who it may offend or why, so that does not appear to be trolling. And since the posters on the internet are anonymous I don't see how it is possible to distinguish between a troll and a post. I think the mods are the worst trollers, making unfounded charges against their literary superiors.

My devout atheism is all my own work and an easy conclusion. Firstly, I can not conceive of a supernatural being, so there is absolutely no point in me considering the existence of one. Secondly, since it is obvious we natural beings can not prove the existence or non-existence of a supernatural being, then there is absolutely nothing to gain by wasting time wondering if there is one. Especially since it is fairly clear that if there is a supernatural being, then it obviously created the universe and then became bored with it, and doesn't play with it anymore. It is up to us and any other intelligent life to get on with running it ourselves.

Enough to consider it impolite to talk about it.

Probably Hitler, because I am not Jewish. And if Stalin were to find out that I had a bank account that I considered belonged to me and not the Party elite..................

Neither is ideal because they don't seem to offer much to do but lie around all day. I need restaurants.


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