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Re: In The Spotlight: buddyholly

You are one of the posters I enjoy reading, because one; you are mostly harmless, and two; your funny avatar stares down upon us with a mix of disdain and amusement, and I love that look. My questions are:

1. What do you think about the trolls on MTF these days? How do they compare with the trolls of yore?

2. Has Joyce influenced your thinking in anyway - especially in your decision to give up the Church?

3. How much money have you made? You can answer it this way if you don't want to disclose the real amount? - pennies/stack/pile/loads/shitloads/Swissbank + massive tax evasion?

4. If you are forced to share a room with either Hitler or Stalin and you have no option to choose otherwise, whom would you rather prefer for a roommate and why?

5. Ideal vacation: winter shack at a Hawaiian beach or summer treehouse in a Peruvian mountain?

"The Fates lead those who Will, those who won't they drag."

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