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Re: Discuss YOUR tennis

I'll try to make it short :P

Starting playing "bedroom tennis" at 3 or 4 with my mom. She had a small net that was kind of in proportion with how small I saw back then, and she said she quickly saw I had some talent with the racket. My mother had played tennis all her life, as her love was Bjorn Borg (as with most women) and she loved the game, however, being that her best sport when she was young and growing up in Japan was basketball (she was team captian on her high school team for several years #2 in their region) she decided to try to raise me as a basketball player instead. I was actually not too bad in basketball early on, I actually made the cut for several club teams and was team captain for two. However, as I matured, I quickly realized that team sports were not for me. I had temper issues and I hated the fact that glory wasn't all yours and losses could be caused by others on your team. If I was going to go down, I wanted to know that I had taken the shot that made me lose, never wanted any doubts. So naturally I started to take tennis seriously around 11 or 12. Up to that point, my mother and I played every couple days since my parents have a tennis court in their backyard.

So in my freshman year of high school I made the varsity team and I can admit I was a bit of a pusher back then, however, I could actually hit the ball unlike many pushers who would just stick their racket out and dink the ball. When we played at the year-end state games, my doubles partner and I made the doubles quarterfinals in the tournament, which was actually pretty big considering we were only freshmen. By my sophomore year, I had played on the USTA southwest region for a while and I started making my game a bit more offesive. I ended up being ranked #2 on my high school team and we ended up winnig the region for the 3rd year straight. That year I also won my first few USTA sanctioned tournaments. During the next summer, I got a private coach and we developed my game even further, changing my backhand into a one-hander and being a lot more offensive. So for my junior and senior years, I ended up being #1 on my varsity team and I had done reasonably well in USTA events, winning a few smaller ones, but I never played as much as I should have partly because I had an on-off back problem, due to my serve, and having a small job to pay for my coach (since my parents wanted to instill the value of money, you know) along with an 8 hour high school schedules made going to tournaments tough. Then after I got a really bad back injury at the end of my senior year, I kind of lost a little love for tennis. I mean this was also when I had met my now-wife and I was starting up college at ASU, so it was a very busy time in my life. However, after several months of not really playing, I finally found some time to pick up a racket and my game has actually improved rapidly since. Now it has been a little more than 4 years after graduating high school and I've been playing by far the best tennis I have ever had. Fitness wise, still trying to get back into high school shape (no more 6 pack for now) however, if it is a ball that I need to make you play, it'll still come back

Game wise, maybe a more offesive Murray? I can say that my one-hander is a great shot, haha, not being arrogant but whenever someone watches my game they always make a comment about my backhand. Half volleys, flick passing shots, lobs, slices, dropshots, really my backhand is my bread and butter. I still end points with my forehand normally, but my backhand is what sets everything up for me. I LOVE coming into the net, merely because I love to see how quick my reflexes are and I just absolutely LOOOOOVE to hit half volleys and backhand smashes. Forehand volleys I kind of struggle with because I get a little sloppy with the technique, but regardless, I come in a lot. Serve has been up and down since high school. Sometimes I'll get in a groove, but since I've had my back problems, I ended up changing my service motion and strangely my toss became utterly terrible.. I can still bomb the first serve, especially outwide on the ad court, but my slice serve which was my best serve in high school, is really inconsitent. Second serve, ironically, I just go with a slice serve. My kick serves were too easy to attack, so I take the chance of double faulting a little more in exchange for a less attackable second serve. My forehand is just adequate, nothing too special. Strong enough to put shots away, I can put enough topspin and it is consistent enough.

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