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Re: 12 killed and 59 wounded in Denver shooting at a Batman showing

You miss the whole point. If guns are the problem, then why do states where virtually everyone owns them have very little violent crime as opposed to the cities where buying one is a huge ordeal and if you do get one, you can never carry it. Do you understand that?

Do you understand that the biggest increases in gun violence have happened after the Brady Bill and the most strict gun laws? The facts completely refute the idea of the lack of gun control being the cause of the violence. In fact, history has shown us that gun laws only increase gun violence. It's the culture and society of the politically correct era.

Like I said, it was not so long ago that a 12-year old could order a Thompson machine gun. Yet there was no school shootings or mass shootings like this? Blaming firearms is ridiculous. And saying that the public should disarm and allow the government to be the only people with the weapons is never going to be acceptable to most of America.

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