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Re: "Happy" Valley

Originally Posted by Ajk822 View Post
You didn't grow up in Pennsylvania, and clearly have never gone to a large university where there are large amounts of pride. The rioting was dumb, agreed, but people who don't go here, or didn't go here, simply do not understand what Joe Paterno meant. He was everyone's father. The entire campus was in a daze today.

I reread your first post also, and clearly you've merely listened to mass media and didn't look for any facts in the case. The semantics of what McQuery said are very important. And yes, there was an investigation, of which the lead investigator in the case CLEARY HAS STATED that Paterno had no knowledge and no charges were filed against Sandusky. I don't mind people being of the opinion that Paterno should have been fired, but you better not decide that without facts.

The media has made this into a Joe Paterno story and a bash Penn State story, when that really should not have been the focus. There's been no mention of the thousands of students who peacefully sang our Alma Mater at Old Main in sorrow. There's been no mention of the candle light vigil in support of the victims of these terrible crimes where 8-10 thousand students will come together. There's been no mention of the football game being changed to a blue out, with thousands of students buying blue t-shirts to benefit a charity that helps **** and incest victims. None of that is newsworthy, because people like you don't have anyone to crucify then.

Go ahead and say my post is crap, I'll continue to stand by my university.

Still a proud Penn Stater.
So, seven months have gone by and now the FACTS are pretty much out there. Is JoePa still that great and innocent?

The Paterno statue is coming down. Too bad he isn't around to witness it.
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