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Re: 12 killed and 59 wounded in Denver shooting at a Batman showing

Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post
i'd love to see you as interested in knowing the background and causes of the ones who blow themselves up in the middle east. but oh wait, they're just arabs riddled with hatred, right? no need to check their motives, then.
Not exactly ''just arabs'', but just Muslim fundamentalist simpletons (the underwear bomber from the wealthy family for example) who have been promised lots of sex in heaven if they just go out and kill Jews to please their god. Not much different from the Mayan priests who sacrificed thousands of captured innocents in order to gain the blessing of their perceived gods. The difference being that sacrifice is not generally condoned these days, so the evil priests have to stay in the background and find useful idiots to do the sacrificing. Isn't ''Allah is Great'' what they usually shout while committing their atrocities, so that the world will know their cause?
Why should I listen to your perception of their background and causes, when I can learn their cause straight from their own mouths?
Do you mean to tell me I should learn more about the background and cause of the underwear bomber before I call him a useful idiot? I don't think so. But maybe you can save me time. You must have checked the motives of the underwear bomber? What were they?

I could probably study the background and causes of the ones that blow themselves up for one thousand years, without finding it acceptable to blow women and children to pieces while on vacation. Oh wait, they're just Jews riddled with hatred. That might work.

You still can't get away from deluding yourself that all anyone has to do is to read what you read and they will understand the world and all its problems, can you?
I remember one poster recently telling you something along the lines that having read a few leftist pamphlets you now think you are the most informed person on the planet. Never mind that you haven't been within a thousand miles of the countries you claim to know inside out.

We have a new controversy in Canada, where the Iranian embassy is monitoring Iranian immigrants and urging them to resist assimilation into Canadian society and instead dedicate their lives to spreading the Iranian governments conception of Islamic culture throughout the country. Is that the kind of cause you sympathize with? Or should the Iranian embassy in Ottawa be closed?


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