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Re: Del Potro will storm the 2013 season

Originally Posted by Bashkatik View Post
So? He won a slam. Someone who won a Slam doesn't necessarily has a better career than someone who hasn't. Slams are not everything. It's the biggest thing there is to achieve, but at some point multiple other titles and finals can stack up to one GS.

4 Slam Finals and 8 Masters titles are a way bigger achievement that one Slam victory.

As for Ferrer, his career achievements don't stack up to Delpo's USO, but right now he is just a better Tennis player.
Not even Murray believes that. Grand Slam are the epitome of tennis achievement. Every player who never won one would trade his accolades for one, even Murray. In fact, especially Murray, who's under more pressure to get that elusive Slam than anyone else.

Let's see in a couple of months. Ferrer will no doubt be burnt out and Del Potro will continue to rise. I predict his return to the top 5 at the very least.

He's been flying under the radar now, everyone seems to be forgetting about him. Truth is, he's having a pretty good comeback.

He will be 25 next year, should be hitting his peak, health-permitting.
True. Ferrer has proved his inconsistency before; I remember he had a decent run for a few months in 2007/2008 and then quickly left the top 20. When things are going well for him, he can go on a consistent run (without any big results though), but you can always trust it not to last much.

lol, every time tennis stops for a few weeks people hype Del Pony, then the tennis starts and pony gets his ass whipped, most recently by the so called "vulture" Ferru, on his worst surface . Del Pony fan's aren't around then to make stupid predictions then.
A Murray fan should be the last person to write stuff like this. How long has Murray been predicted to win a Slam? "Oh he will definitely win a Slam this year (for the past 4 or 5 years". "Oh he will definitely win the next Slam."

At least, even if he retires today, Del Potro has already delivered on his promise by actually getting a Slam. He's no longer a promise, he has already delivered.
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