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Re: Rogi's Belly Button Thread

Originally Posted by Maja12 View Post
Hmm... since we are all making confessions... I like Rogers's hands a lot, ofc his hair, and um, he has nice eyelashes...
And, it wasn't hm who changed my perception - but when I was younger I really didn't like hairy men and men with shaved heads... Now... I can say that my perception is changing and that tastes vary in time, I like both hairy and not hairy men (it just has to click for me) and I find some men with shaved heads very sexy...
But I do not fancy feet either... Nor bellybuttons. But I do like if a man has a bellybutton like Roger has.. I dislike this type of bellybuttons -->
I love Roger's hands a lot.. beautiful fingers, the perfect hair..those eyes..eyebrows , and I love hairy men, I really don't like hairless men..I find it to say? not masculine XD, to be back on the topic..belly button ? I like his tummy, but never thought about the belly button, that's a little crazy XD, even for me ..who likes every part of Roger.., but yea he has a good belly button

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