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Re: Playing Higher level players

It all depends on your play style and strategies really. I mean sure shot selection and stuff is great, but really what is your game plan? I mean before you go to shot selection and types of shots to hit, you have to go back to what is your play style and what is your game plan for matches. Yes, you bring up all valid points, but compare Federer/Nadal/Djokovic/Murray on those topics and you'll notice that it varies considerably. Does Nadal rely on depth and slices? No not really. Are Murray and Djokovic quiet on court especially during a negative situation? Not at all, they are extremely vocal in positive and negative situations. Federer and Murray have great shot selection, but what about Djokovic and Nadal who much of the time attempt to wear you down by attacking your weakness? Of course we aren't pros, so yes, like I said those points you make are valid, but really you have to take it on an individual basis.

As far as the video is concerned, your forehand seems like all arm. There is very minimal body torque and your left arm just sits there providing no rotation into the shot. You could put a lot more pop into your shot if you practice on how your left arm works into the shot and introduce more core strength for your forehand. I mean you certainly do whip the ball and provide a good "wind shield wiper" motion, but as is it is efficient and honestly I could see such a stroke causing injury after a while. With better core rotation from your body and left arm, you wouldn't have to swing as fast on every shot.

Well I kept watching the video, and you do have some core rotation, more so than the beginning of the video, but my comments still stand, I think you could improve on it greatly especially with the use of your left arm. Your backhand on the other hand does a whole lot better job with this. In fact, your backhand is a very nice stroke. Looks very effortless and seems to generate a lot of pace. Looks to be a much stronger and reliable shot than your forehand.

Backhand volley looks better than forehand volley as well. Your wrist on the backhand volley seems to be much firmer and you keep your wrist lower than the racket which is textbook. Forehand you seem to drop the racket head a bit through the shot.

Keep it up.

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