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Re: Yannick Noah suspects Spain's success a fraud.

^^ People should know about some issues in the recent history of Spain.

First, Barcelona Olympics. This meant a huge boost for PROFESSIONAL sport in Spain.

Second, a key was Spanish culture and their character. I'm starting to be an old man but I remember in my youth I lived playing on the streets like the rest of the Spanish kids. And we have a comfortable home and a TV too, but climate and sociability in Spain invited us to go out. When Spanish authorities channel all that into base sports suddenly every neighborhood, every town had several teams and many sports competitions. We had the street culture that you can see in many Third World countries but with the means of the first world. And of course, every success of a Spanish athletes reinforced the process.

Third, the 'Spanish brick fever' helps too Every town, even the smallest, built his own sports arena. For some reason we went mad raising infrastructure everywhere. That have led us to the brink of bankruptcy, but one of its side effects is that also helped sport here.

For the records, I know that none of these clown trolls are going to read this, nor Yannick the Frenchie buffoon, but I need write some English

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