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Re: Båstad F : Ferrer def. Alamgro 6-2 6-2

Originally Posted by Orka_n View Post
You know what I find funny? I cannot even find a real reason to hate Ferrer with the kind of passion that Mug Lenders and Tyclown0712 carries.

It is not like Ferrer has overachieved (because I know that can spawn haters), so that's not it. Neither is the guy arrogant or even loud - he's one of the most silent and humble guys on the tour.

I do understand how you can dislike his game though (even if he is not nearly as defensive as these guys are saying). I myself am no fan of for example Simon's game. But the thing is, Gilles seems like a nice guy so I still bear no real hate for him. And I dislike Nadal but I still respect him. (I find Roddick a pain as well but in my defense his attitude is awful.)

Yet Ferrer has haters because he is a "vulture". Yes he likes playing small tournaments where he has a real shot to win, are you telling me you wouldn't if you were in his shoes? Get real already. It's not like he doesn't live up to his ranking in the slams either - QF, SF & QF is his results there this year.

And so, my conclusion:
The only reason why you would make this much noise against David Ferrer is spelled like this:

"attention whoring".

Incidentally MTF trolls' favorite pastime. Boring and infantile stuff.
Everyone knows the only respectable way to gain points is to make it as hard as possible on yourself to win them

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