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Somber Sunday

No thread so I figure I'd give it a go.

I legitimately begin to hate clay court tennis more and more and more and more everytime waning week that passes.

After an immaculate grass court tournament its tough to follow mundane clay court tourneys with the same guys, over and over and over and over and over again.

I mean seriously, is there any conviction in any of these matches? Ferru-Mugro is a top 10 battle but Ferrer has won so many times in a row and even if Mug wins who cares?

Tipsarevic-Monaco? Two of the more boring top 15 guys.

I have no idea why they have clay court tourneys after Wimbledon. It just seems so stupid to me.

Can't wait till the Olympics and Toronto but I'm so over the dirt.

Hoping Tipsy beats Monaco because I've taken action against the favorite and Mugro beats Ferry Ferru because I hate the POS and actually like Mugro.

One more week of this crap and then its good riddance.
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