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Re: Grass is made for eating! Wimbledon cheering thread: SF vs Federer

I've been avoiding all tennis forums after Wimbly because I knew all the Fedtards would be wetting themselves, but I thought I might as well put in my 0.02 here.

Nole has definitely not been at 2011 level. That match against Federer was absolutely pathetic. Nole 2011 Wimbledon form would've easily beaten him. I think Nole was probably somewhat rattled by his grandfather dying, but he's definitely lost focus. You can't expect to win when you aren't focused and have such a negative attitude. :-/ Seriously, that 4th set killed me. As soon I saw that Nole was broken, I just ran away. It was just...ugh.

Hopefully Nole will be energized by the Olympics and kick some ass. Fighting for Serbia always seems to recharge his fires. I don't really care about him playing loads of 500s, though he definitely needs to make up on the post USO Asian Swing, but I think he should've played a little more. He didn't really prep for AO 2012, and he came out flat before RG. Nole needs a strong USO series and hopefully a USO win (though I'm rooting for Murray to take his first slam sometime soon...) to re-energize him.


And, GTFO Fedtards. This is the NOVAK DJOKOVIC forum.
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