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Re: Grass is made for eating! Wimbledon cheering thread: SF vs Federer

Originally Posted by Yolita View Post
I hope I don't sound bitter because I don't feel bitter. I'm just trying to find some positives and cheer people up. This is a Nole forum and I'm trying to explain what went wrong with Nole in Wimbledon. It's easy to only remember the last match and not the way Nole beat Roger in Rome and in Paris. I'm just trying to put some perspective here, among Nole fans.

Please don't compare that to saying, publicly, during a press conference: "I feel I should be doing the other presser... It's tough to lose to guy like that... How can you play a shot like that on MP? I was taught to believe in hard work... But I guess he's like a junior... slapping shots around and off you go". That was one of, if not the most insulting presser by a top player twards another player. Absolutely shocking.

I never said Roger diodn't deserve his title or any of his wins. And definitely I didn't say that Nole should have won instead of Roger.

But it is a good exercise to analise what happened, why Nole could literally crush Roger in Rome and Paris and not have any fight in him when they met in Wimbledon... I'm trying to find explanations. I'm very surprised you consider that bitter...

Yeah we all know about Fed but that doesn't excuse you to becoming a cheerleader or should I say a glory hunter that acts all positive when the situation calls for action and adaptation.Live in the present or just become a nobody or worse. Don't soothe the ego with positive stuff from the past that is absolutelly useless today.
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