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Re: Captain Clément in Charge - Davis Cup 2013

Merci !!!!!!!!!!
It's one of the best itws I ever read. Why ? Because the questions are exactly the ones I've always dreamt to ask to Arnaud !!! Thanks to both journalists for their good work, and arnaud's anwers are very interesting and honest, as usually.

I love how the journalists put the finger on all the difficulties Arnaud will have in his job, in every question, about the doubts everybody can have, they don't handle him carefully with their questions, they insist if necessary, it's a bit like if they wanted to prepare arnaud psychologically, haha
Of course, THE QUESTION, the question everybody here has always wanted to ask him has been asked, after all these long years : "THE BALL KIDS", merci, merci for doing it !!
But his answer disapointed me, it's the only thing he's not totally realist with. In short, he said he's a bit worried but his behaviour was only due to his demanding nature, cause of his glasses...stupid excuses, arnaud !! He doesn't have the impression to have been rude with them, that's a pity...

Well, kezzi, via, the others, you absolutly have to read this itw. If google can't help you, I'm ok to try (I'm on holiday lol)

"A la base, nous les Français, sommes les champions du monde des râleurs. J'ai l'impression qu'être français, c'est un peu un handicap pour être le meilleur dans ton sport.
Pour faire du sport de haut niveau, d'autres mentalités sont plus propices".

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