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Re: Will Federer regain the #1 spot and break Sampras's record for most weeks at the

Summer Season Points to Defend: Federer - 990; Djokovic - 3,600; Nadal - 1,390.

So, subtracting out all of the Summer Season points, Federer starts with 10,085; Djokovic - 7,400; and Nadal 7,515.

So, Djokovic would have to gain 2,685 more points than Federer during the Summer Season to be standing as the #1 player following the USO.

So, if Fed wins the Olympics and then SFs each of the remaining Summer tournaments, Djokovic would have to pretty much run the table to be standing as the #1 player following USO.

It's the autumn that gets tricky for Fed though. But I'll try not to think about until then.

(Sorry if it looks like I left Nadal out of the equation, but he'd have to do something he hasn't done in almost two years to be competitive - win a hard-court title.)

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