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Re: There is no finish line...

Originally Posted by wackykid View Post
so happy that now we can strike the #1 weeks record off this list.... personally... of all the records that federer had yet to achieve... the most weeks at #1 is right at the TOP of my personal list of "the records that federer might achieve but has yet to" ... and in this list i also feel that it's also one of the biggest (calendar/non-calendar slam would probably be the biggest)...

now that we are done with that... what is the next record you would MOST like to see federer achieve...?? personally... i'd like him to:
1) get the olympic gold and complete career golden slam...
2) tie the most years ending in #1 record...
3) calendar or non-calendar slam...

i think right now.. this year federer has a pretty decent chance of achieving (1) and (2) ... and (3) would be the biggest record that federer has yet achieved --- but is also something which unfortunately i doubt even he could achieve at his age.... but there is no finish line... as long as federer still remains healthy and in top form... we can always dream....

Obviously, winning a 6th US Open title - which would give him the Open Era record - is much more important to me then tying most years ending as the world no. 1 or taking that more marginal event at the Olympic Games. However, if he wins the US Open then surely that sixth year-ending number 1 year will follow accordingly. He can extend his WTF record to 7 while he's at it and then win an 8th Wimbledon.

I'd like Federer to become the all time leader for singles major titles out of men and women, despite them being different realms. I'm almost certain he won't achieve this. He needs to ride this wave of confidence and form as it might be his last lengthy stint of near peak play. Playing like he has done over the last months, he can certainly win 2 or so more majors over the next 5 or so events.

Oh, and a 2nd RG title, please. That's actually the one I want the most.

A realistic list, then:

1. Second RG title
2. Eighth Wimbledon title
3. Sixth US Open title
4. Years as no.1, YEC record extensions, sole record at AO etc etc etc etc.

Unrealistic wishes:

- 25 or more Majors
- 10 Wimbledon titles
- 3 titles minimum at every Major
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