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Re: The Lurkers Melting Pot - Sponsored by Green Rosol. RIP Green Clay

Originally Posted by GOAT = Fed View Post
Roger Federer (SUI)- 6-0,6-0,6-0
Sham says: Autofail

Originally Posted by Mae View Post
I thought I would leave the thread title as it was until after Wimbledon. And then we can decide on a new thread title Not that it is all that important, but you have me curious. Why is it being called chapters instead of volumes?
Whatever happens tomorrow, the lurker in me will be sponsored by my tears.

Good question Mae - Volumes are for large things that like to stand out and be heard. Attention seekers for example, and other chat threads. We're lurkers, we're subtle with what we do, and the little chapters of history we witness and quietly create around MTF. Hence chapter is the only word that makes sense to describe each thread.

Mandy might have retired by the time chapter 3 comes around. Fed will still be going strong of course

Originally Posted by noddzy View Post
Ah @ Notre Dame - did not know that. One of my favorite poems is called Desiderata by Max Ehrmann - it pretty much contains every nugget of wisdom one needs in life. If you have not already read it, here is a link to this poem
You're turning out to be my nugget of wisdom noddzygote

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
Why no more streak game after this, Sham?
I sense the busy times coming on. Thought another lurker would like to give it a go, or try another game. I'm pretty much obsessed with games like the guy quoted below this

Originally Posted by 156mphserve View Post
I nominate "The Great Bristish Hope, Jonathan Marray" as the next sponsership

What a great story
Sponsorship nominations is a great idea. Agree with this one, might throw in Nielsen's Wimby finalist Gramps too.

So someone recently informed me that my sig was empty. Said I needed a life affirming motivational quote by a positive role model like Einstein or Oscar Wilde...

Great tip to stay fit and mobile: If you run up and down the stairs two steps at a time at least once daily, there will never come a time when you can't do it. Until of course one day you mistime a step, collapse and break all your bones... That would suck. But you had a good run.

-Drunk Fitness nerd at the gym
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