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Re: Discuss YOUR tennis

I play a couple of times a week usually. I'm not good enough to enter any local tournaments, but good enough to be able to do exactly what I want to do with my strokes, and play at a decent pace.

I would class myself as a baseliner, but I always like to mix it up with lots of variation in ball trajectory, depth and spin. I lack quite a bit of power, especially on the ground. When I go for winners, it usually has to be very precise, close to the line. My backhand is a better shot than my forehand. I can hit through the ball much better on that wing and actually utilise a bit of power. I like to play a lot of drop shots on the backhand as well to keep the opponent guessing.

I come in to the net a bit, often when I am losing badly, I'll come in more and see if it makes a difference. My volleys are okay, nothing special, will get the job done.

The serve is the big thing for me. My first serve isn't that quick, last time I had it gunned, I could only reach 90 MPH. It's generally very well placed though, and even against better returners at my club, I'll get a few aces and a lot of unreturned serves. Second serve is a little bit slower. I'd guess often around 70 MPH, often with either slice or a little topspin on it.
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