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Re: Commentary at its finest

Originally Posted by sjankis630 View Post
Has anyone used the dreaded "fearhand" moniker yet? I cannot remember who used to call forehands that way, but it always annoyed. As mentioned down thread. Please leave the comedy for the clubs and just describe the match as it happens in the most direct, straightforward way possible.
I also have a pet peeve about how much time the commentators get in front of the camera.
There is nothing worse than pulling up my DVR recording of Wimbledon (here in the US) and knowing that I will have to fast forward through about 30 min of air time to start seeing some actual tennis!
Koenig and Goodall use the word fearhand. Of course, anyone should avoid that word when Murray plays. A bit of humor is never wrong. Why would you need someone to describe the match as it happens? Your TV lacks video?
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