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Re: Articles & interviews

Originally Posted by Gilloulou View Post
hehe lala, seems like you have a lot to vent, i'm glad i can be of any use ;]

well, i would like to respond to your comments, cause i feel i didn't convey the message clear enough. so i will try later on, if it's still in my bones.

but just for the last bit, i'm not saying he has no right to say his opinion, i'm just saying that it's not wise of him to elaborate so much because A) it's not his business arguing the EP issue. he is not on the WTA. B) if any of the top dog would argue that point it would have kept the debate much more on the subject. when Simon says he is against EP, naturally everyone will slash him. so all i am saying is why do this to yourself? you are asked a series of questions, be wise and say: "i'm not in a psoition to answer this question" and move on. i'd hate to see his career faulted cause of this unnecessary distraction. he should focus more on how to perform well on GS.

correct or not correct is not the issue. let someone else take the hot potato, be more concerned about winning first.
Okay. Thanks. I appreciate your view even if it's different from mine. Whatever my responses to your post, it wasn't personal, I was responding to the similar things other ppl has been saying, esp the part when they said Simon is a nobody and shouldn't speak up. But anyway, I do hope this past soon so I can talk about his tennis than anything else.

He addressed his mental handicap at the last itw when the journalist finally ask a question about his loss. And I like that the journalists also ask about his lack of production in GS. I'm sure he aware of it anyway, but it is a good thing that he gets reminded that this is what he gets measured, the GS results. This year is nothing but a disappointment. But with Gilles, I'm always confident that he is working on it to change things, even if it takes a long time for him to change it. The first 2 months of the year was a disaster and he dig deep and produce good result on his worse surface. I'm confident that this controversy will have no effect on his tennis whatsoever, well, that's what I hope anyway. We'll see what happens in 2 weeks when he show up at Hamburg.
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