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Re: The "Wishing Death" rule

Originally Posted by Belludal View Post
Of course you try to avoid talking about death, the serbians killed a lot of bosnians and its really natural death is a strong word for them. But in another pacifical countries like Brazil where death comes merely as a consequence of social problems, we arent so traumatized by it, specially when it comes to soft talking and language expressions such as: " i killed myself of working today and
" i wish i could kill this tennis player because he annoys me a lot, being this not so different from saying yopu disling specially because the whole world is not crazy and psycho like the serbians in the decade of 90 saying you dislike someone so using your argument that you are tired of wars, I really wish you hadnt killed all those bosnians being a less sensitive person now that your people ar and actually using ACTIONS, and not merely WORDS to express your love to the world.
Lol, what garbage are you spewing there. Get a freaking clue. On topic, I think the rule is fine as it is. If someone thinks he was wrongly banned, he can always appeal.

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