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Yeah, I always say I want to move on but then I see something that makes me annoyed and I end up posting about it again.

Misty, I have complete faith that Gilles will answer smartly. Someone may disagree with the points he made but I thought he handled the press conference perfectly. He was already asked about Maria's comments and he handled them perfectly like I knew he would. He's one of the most thoughtful and articulate players on tour, he won't be caught off guard.

Yes, he might be asked about Sloane at some point (which I still doubt happened, I mean has anyone ever seen Gilles slam the ball near a ball-kid?) but even if it did happen, he probably wouldn't remember it unless there was a controversy at the time. He might not even know he hit her. I don't know what he could really say other than I'm sorry I hit her with the ball, I don't remember that happening, or that definitely didn't happen. He's not the type to say she should get over it after ten years even though he might be tempted.

Either way, I still think the whole thing is ridiculous even if it did happen because it has absolutely no relevance to anything being discussed. Some of the nicest people in the world have made mistakes on court when they were 18. The real issue was that the press was taking the word of someone who was ten years old at the time to try to do character assassination, when I'm not sure her perception of what happened is that reliable or how it shows in any way that he's sexist. I'm not sure how she would even remember, I really don't remember anything from when I was ten

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