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Re: Animated GIFs in GM

Originally Posted by Snowwy View Post
So until we feed the people in Africa, the rest of the world cannot advance? You should tell all the scientists in the world they can't try to change anything until they feed people in Africa.

PS. That is how ridiculous your argument is.
I agree with Snowie. We should ban gifs in GM for the advancement of mankind (on MTF)!

Originally Posted by Johnny Groove View Post
Ya know, you don't have to click on the links. Ignore list is another option.

Just another restriction on freedom of speech, just another instance of the Bourgeoisie restricting the actions of the Proletariat, what else is new.

Just get over it, Jesus. There are people starving in Africa, people working for 33 cents an hour in Chinese sweatshops and we are complaining about gifs?

How about some fucking perspective?

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