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Re: Tennis Tipping Euro 2012 (Part II)

Sorry for this late update, but I was out all weekend and arrived home just to see the match and the celebrations.

So this is how it stands:

Singles FINAL diffs:

00:00 | CoolyBri (GER) vs. MWHF_FTW (USA) (MC 1:2)

ITALY 1-0 vs. SPAIN 1-0

Doubles FINAL diffs:

00:00 | Vilnietė/erickmartins (LIT/FRA) vs. mateusz2904/156mphserve (POL/CAN) (MC 1:1)

ITALY 2-0, DRAW 1-1 vs. SPAIN 1-0, DRAW 1-1

Singles FINAL

00:01 | CoolyBri (GER) vs. MWHF_FTW (USA)

Doubles FINAL

00:01 | Vilnietė/erickmartins (LIT/FRA) vs. mateusz2904/156mphserve (POL/CAN)

Who said that they knew less from football (or soccer) in the U.S.? MWHF_FTW gave us the answer. Well done, that was an awesome performance.

And who could win this other that a Polish in home soil? mateusz2904 proved he knew the pitch and with his same-coloured-flag fellow who's still serving at 156 m.p.h., 156mphserve, they made the final to win it.

All 3 winners rised the cup to the Ukrainian skies, victorious in this epic tournament.


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