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i said it before and ill say it now. I just wish he wouldnt have said anything. I respect him and i do love him for being so oppinionated but by answering this question he's brought off of this attention and hate on him.

you could make the point that that women shouldnt get paid as much as the men.Its been proven that they can play best of 5 sets though so i dont know why they dont now, maybe they simply dont want to. However would the issue of equal pay be solved by forcing them to play 5 sets? and do people who want the women to play best of 5 sets realise that if they did then the grand slams would be stretched to nearly a month in length to complete?. Moving to best of 5 might shut some people up but then you;d still have those who complain that the womens tennis quality still wouldnt be increased and that now they are just taking to long to finish a match

Also at the same time i ask the question - do you think an atp player that gets blown off the court deserves equal pay to the other guys that might spend double the time he did? Should alberta ramos for example get an equal amount ot prize money to tommy haas or johanna konta for their round 1 matches here?
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