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Gilles was playing Future events in Europe 9 years ago, in 2003. Checked his play activities and he was playing Futures in Europe 2003 and 2004, not at the level to travel overseas to play challenger yet which is a higher level. That Sloane Stephens quote made me mad, the press love such accusation, just perfect for their agenda to make him out as a evil person. So do they care to check the fact, no, of course not. Who cares if it's not true, who cares if Stephens remembers someone else not Gilles cos it's been 9 years and she was only 10. And just like you said, Mike, how many players has hit a ball in anger before? if he hit it at a ballgirl, he would have been defaulted immediately. The fact that he's never been defaulted, means either 1: it wasn't intentional and the ball didn't hit her directly (cos if it wasn't intentional but the ball still hit a ballgirl directly, he would still have been defaulted all the same). 2: it wasn't him at all, since he's like an ocean away when Stephens got hit by the ball.

There were players who has bad reputation when it came to ball boys and girls, I don't want to name names, but I have never heard anything about Gilles not being nice to them. I watched Roddick's match and he always throw back the towel without watching and it often fell on the floor for the ball boy to pick up. Gilles always gave it back to them. And some players behave like a king on court, got served by ball boys for tiny little things. Gilles sometimes just put his empty bottles to the bin instead of looking around for a ballboy to do the job. This things are no big deal, but tiny gestures here and there do show character of a person.

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